About Us


Edencolors (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was established on 20 November 2015 as the company specialized in the fields of AESTHETIC, COSMETIC and ANTI- AGING. We are the company to provide the products and services solutions to for patients’ clinical needs in Cosmetology as well as products solution for skin regeneration and rejuvenation.


“OUR VISION” – is to provide outstanding, high quality aesthetic and cosmetic products to the market and unsurpassed and professional services to our customers. We believe that good service is to be always available to help our clients. More important than sell and promote products is to obtain the trust of our customers, so that we have a team of specialists in different areas, which together, find the best possible solutions. We know what we sell. It’s easy to promote our products because we believe in them. Beyond that, our labs run the necessary tests before launching any product.


We are the leading company who distributes high quality technology of products and innovation for Meso Therapy Lipolysis, and products for skin solution of regeneration, rejuvenation and revitalization those researched and manufactured from South Korea, USA. Italy and New Zealand.


We believe that more than selling products, our main goal is to have a close relationship with our customers. Our philosophy is always to be present at the right time and whenever customers need help solving problems. To this end we have specialized team in our specialty area services

sustainable development

We realize the importance of product development. which we believe A team with expertise and responsibility to consumers. To focus on offering good products quality and safety into the market continuously more than profit or product sales That is the goal that we aim for consumers to get satisfied products. and build confidence for consumers towards sustainable development

* Meet The Expert Vol. 5 “The Newest Lifting Method Using 3D Mesh Implants”
Edencolors (Thailand) Sales Team with KOL Doctors :
Asst. Prof MART MAIPRASERT (S-Mart Clinic), Dr. UNCHALEE AMORNRUNGMEETHAM (Anjali Clinic) on the left, Dr. PATCHANON ASAWAWORARIT (Roselin Wellness Center)

“Edencolors is Where Beauty Meets Innovation”