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Grand Opening Tesslift

Grand Opening Tesslift

Grand Opening Gouri

Grand Opening Gouri

ครบรอบ 8 ปี Edencolors

ครบรอบ 8 ปี Edencolors

Gouri X Edencolors

Gouri X Edencolors

Introducing Edencolors

The Beginning of Beauty

Edencolors (Thailand) Limited has proudly reached its 8th year in Thailand. We specialize in manufacturing and importing a comprehensive range of beauty products, healthcare items, equipment, and solutions for aesthetic clinics. All formulations and brands we distribute nationwide are exclusive to our company. We cater directly to beauty clinic entrepreneurs, physicians, and hospitals (B2B) with unique formulas and in-house brands.



We aspire to present top-quality beauty and health products and services to the market, with the goal of delivering high-quality offerings for the benefit, safety, and utmost satisfaction of consumers. We firmly believe that service, responsibility, and customer care are of utmost importance to create satisfaction and confidence in our consumers.


Customers achieve results that meet their satisfaction

Providing products and services of the highest quality for the utmost benefit and satisfaction of consumers, we present innovative offerings to the beauty market. Our goal is to deliver results that are not only pleasing but also safe and highly beneficial to our customers


Leading the beauty market with high-quality technology.

We constantly innovate and develop effective and safe products using cutting-edge medical technology. Standardized in laboratories and manufactured in facilities in South Korea, America, Italy, and New Zealand.

Growing sustainably with Edencolors.

Expertise and responsibility towards consumers.

We are committed to offering products that are not only excellent but also of superior quality and safety to the market. Our objective extends beyond mere profit or sales statistics; it is to provide consumers with products that bring satisfaction and instill confidence in our brand for long-term development

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We aim to introduce premium beauty and health products and services to the market, with the goal of delivering high-quality offerings that prioritize consumer benefits, safety, and ultimate satisfaction

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