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Edencolors,ชุติมา อัศนีรดากร Chutima Atsaniradakorn Edencolors CEO
Tan Chutima Atsaniradakorn Chief Executive Director of Edencolors (Thailand) Limited

CEO Background

Tan Chutima Atsaniradakorn

Chief Executive Officer


PhD in Management/Business Administration Major in Marketing Management/Administration Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University


Master in Business Administration (MBA) Stamford International University

About Chutima

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Tan Chutima is an Entrepreneur with a balanced mindset; she lives by the motto "Work Hard, Play Hard" in all aspects of her life. She cherishes her family, animals, and freedom while also prioritizing healthcare. She understands genuine happiness stems from achieving harmony among work, leisure, relationships, health, and personal interests.

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Our aim is to enhance beauty for the Thai people through premium-quality healthcare products.

With over two decades of experience in the medical industry, Tan Chutima Atsaniradakorn, a highly skilled female executive, has become a recognized figure in various medical enterprises, including Edencolors Portugal. The Portuguese factory specializes in producing natural enzyme products devoid of chemical substances, used in both textile dyeing and hospitals. Driven by a passion for beauty, Tan Chutima founded Edencolors Thailand, reshaping the business to cater to the Aesthetics market in Thailand. For more than eight years, we have been dedicated to manufacturing and importing high-quality beauty products, spanning cosmetics, medical items, and equipment, and distributing them to aesthetic clinics nationwide. A defining aspect of Tan Chutima's managerial approach is the emphasis on "innovation," consistently pushing the boundaries to introduce novel and unique offerings to the market. This commitment has positioned us as leaders and trendsetters in the ever-evolving Aesthetics industry. The willingness to take risks, even in the face of uncertainty, remains a key characteristic of our company. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tan Chutima places significant importance on personal well-being. From dietary choices and vitamin supplementation to regular exercise, she prioritizes internal factors. This commitment to self-care extends to outer appearances, reflecting confidence that leaves a lasting and positive first impression – a powerful force that fortifies our determination to achieve ongoing success.

Tan Chutima Atsaniradakorn
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We aim to introduce premium beauty and health products and services to the market, with the goal of delivering high-quality offerings that prioritize consumer benefits, safety, and ultimate satisfaction

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