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Tensonez Skinbooster
Tensonez Skinbooster
Tensonez Skinbooster



Tensonez Skinbooster

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1290 Baht


1 bottle/box

Product information

Tenzones Skin Booster is an intensive serum enriched with Vitamin B3, known for its ability to reduce dark spots, redness, and irritation on the skin. It contains PDRN, also known as 'Salmon DNA,' renowned for its healing properties, promoting skin strength, tightening pores, and enhancing fairness with Glutathione. The serum addresses fine lines and moisturizes the skin with various peptides and Hyaluronic acid. It is easily absorbed, non-greasy, and delivers optimal results when used after laser treatments or clear facial mesotherapy.

Components and Mechanism

After skin treatments, it soothes the red and sensitive skin and improves skin regeneration

Relieves the sensitive skin and dry to very dry skin.

Quick absorbing, long lasting hydration

Soothing, softening, anti-wrinkles, even tones, firming, and lifting

Safety certification

Korean Food and Drug Administration (Korean FDA) and Thailand Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA)

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Tensonez Rejuvenating Cream

Tensonez Rejuvenating Cream

Tenzones Rejuvenating Cream, enriched with Ceramide NP for skin protection against pollution, ensures lasting hydration and resilience. With PDRN, or 'Salmon DNA,' known for skin healing, it strengthens and tightens pores. Infused with Botox-like and Peptides, it addresses fine lines. Experience soothing care and a refreshing scent of mandarin with Tenzones Rejuvenating Cream for healthier, revitalized skin



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